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About a year ago, our oldest daughter, Jessa, helped a transgender teen with their ill-fitting clothing dilemma.  By altering this kids clothing to fit better, the result was that this child felt better about himself, felt comfortable and felt less scrutinized. 

There aren’t ANY stores for people transitioning.  This sparked an idea;  by having Every Body available for these kids, they will feel better about themselves, less judged and more love while shopping.  Plus, they will feel more comfortable in what they look like day-to-day.

The following is the transcribed Facebook message by Jessa, detailing how it all started:

Hey Rachel! I’m sure you’ve seen me blasting my company’s campaign all over. Thanks for liking the Page! A few people have told me that I should share the whole story of Every Body and my part in it. My best friend Alicia’s stepson, Aaron, came out as transgender about two years ago when he was 15 while spiraling into deep depression. He was afraid his family wouldn’t love him anymore, grades completely dropped, slept all of the time.. not good times. The summer before he came out I bought a sewing machine and fell in love with making clothes. I wasn’t really good at it but I was going to be. Through learning what Aaron’s needs were for transitioning, one of this biggest struggles was finding clothes that fit the way that he wanted them to fit. Chest binding, hiding feminine features and expressing himself as male. Aaron and his dad, my friend, Hector, would go shopping for hours and come home empty-handed. Not only were there no options for his body type but he was extremely uncomfortable shopping because of the dirty looks and snide comments.

Hector was researching online stores for trans folk and found nothing. I had just taken a business class for sewing and how to start a company but none of it applied to what I had been working on (Babes of Space). My heart wasn’t in that venture enough to apply ALL of the immense info I had just taken in. Alicia and I worked at a cafe together and in passing she said that Hector couldn’t find any stores for transgender teens anywhere. Everything I had learned in my business class applied!! I FREAKED. I was like “I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS” and I love Aaron.

So, here we are! A year and a half later and I couldn’t be happier. I love these kids. I’m extremely connected to them mostly on Instagram and they really need us. They are alone and overlooked. They can’t find clothes that fit them and they are literally scared to go shopping. I’m writing this in hopes that you will at least share our campaign and if you can donate. No amount is too small.

Here is the Every Body website:  https://www.everybodyfitsin.com/

Mitzi and I are so proud of Jessa and her passion for helping others.  We stand by her and support her, just as she supports the trans and non-binary community.  All people deserve to be loved.  Please follow this link and donate and share.  If you are unable to donate, still share.  Help us get the word out.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


The artwork for Every Body was created by Bella Campos.  Bella can be found on Instagram at www.https://instagram.com/abstractrea1ist

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