Dangerous Theater

Chests are puffed out,

spines stand straighter,

threats are spewed

in this dangerous theater.

The brat fakes throwing a stone,

to intimidate another,

keeping others off guard

in this dangerous theater.

And, the play continues,

since the days of Mesopotamia,

the brat has no issue with spilling blood

all over this dangerous theater.

Bombs bullets and pain,

triggered by a brat’s signature,

spell the death of so many

in this dangerous theater.

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Everyone Deserves Their Moment in the Sun, Son.

Everyone Deserves Their Moment in the Sun, Son.

The Bible says don’t light your candle and hide it,

but, that doesn’t mean you should brag,

like when you twist someone else’s posts to make it be about you, hashtag.

Ego is thinly veiled,

and hard to disguise, you see,

you’re about to bust a gut,

because I want it all to be about me!

Someone posts a pic of their vacay,

you reply, “I’ve been there, let me tell you where I stayed.

Someone checks in and says, “this restaurant is nice.”

You reply, “I know, I’ve been there twice.”

Everyone deserves their moment in the sun, son,

just let them be.

Stop trying to turn everyone else’s posts into something about thee.

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Sometimes the Sky Rains Frogs

Sometimes the sky rains frogs,

and sometimes you need to sleep,

26% of the universe is dark matter,

yet, no one has even seen it.

Bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly,

say the experts in science and aviation,

apparently, the bees never bothered asking for permission.

There’s a compartment in our brains that crave mystery and magic,

Without these components, our lives would be tragic.

We need that escape,

that’s why we love movies about people in capes,

and love stories and spies,

all the things we don’t experience in our everyday lives.

That compartment I mentioned earlier,

the one in your brain?

It gets smaller with age.

Not because of anything physical,

as you grow older, you’re told to be practical.

Time to act like an adult and climb those rings,

to the top of the work and/or family ladder.

If you don’t, people will ask “what’s a matter?”

But, we still want that fantasy,

that’s what made J.K. Rowling rich, you see?

Well, the bumblebee still flies,

and sometimes frogs fall from the sky.

I think it’s great to be surprised.

We are never going to have all the answers,

and would you want them anyway?

How boring would that be?

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Baby it’s Cold Outside, Or is it Us?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside, or is it Us?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside,

Yes, it is, I agree,

People have blocks of ice, where their brains used to be.

People claim to be offended,

By a song that was popular before D-Day ended,

That’s right, 1944, when the average house cost,

Three thousand, four hundred dollars,

Makes me want to holler.

This all began because one listener complained,

To a radio station called WDOK.

It just goes to prove that during our lives today,

We have too much time on our hands, yeah, you heard me say.

There are hands on a clock, but our hands are holding a little block.

Our eyes stay transfixed while our brains allow themselves to be tricked,

Into discussion and raging about meaningless crap,

It’s a trap.

Don’t be a sap.

Wake up from your nap.

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The Internet is Making Us Crazy

The Internet is Making Us Crazy

We can still be friends, even if we disagree,

I can say it’s an eight; you can say it’s a 3.

Our friendship doesn’t have to vanish,

It’s not like we are building a wall to keep out those who speak Spanish.

Social media can jumble up our brains,

It’s up to you to keep yourself sane.

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