Lamps, torches, flashlights,

40 watts, 60, 75,

illuminate the way for the eyes,

but, what about the unseen?

The hidden even a floodlight can’t reveal.

That particular brightness comes from somewhere else,no filament, glass or electricity needed. Instead,

a kind heart to be heeded.

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Eight Hundred Thousand and Two

Grains of sand in my shoe?

Grains of salt on my food?

Grains of rice in my bowl?

I don’t have a clue,

and let’s face it, neither do you.

It doesn’t matter in the least,

as long as my coffee tastes sweet.

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Money is Never Free

Money is never free,

chasing it comes with a cost,

is what you gain, worth what you’ve lost?

The missed date,

daughter’s recital,

you were too late,

son’s soccer game,

you were on a plane.

You worry yourself ill,

closing the next deal,

step back and ask,

am I allowing my cash desires to ruin precious time with others?

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